Postcard Senders

Do I need to be a member or sign up to send postcards? What do I need to do?
No you don't need to sign up on our webpage. You can go on Current Kids, click on the child’s name and read their story. Then you choose your child or several children. Once you choose a certain child the address will pop up and you are ready to send the postcard and make the kids happy.

Is there a fee?
No, we don’t charge any money.

Is this a pen pal website?
No. (See more information in Will I receive a reply from the families?)

How many kids should I send mail to?
As many as you want to send to and cheer up. The more you send the more lives you brighten. We recommend sending postcards to the featured children and the kids on top of the current list, first.

How do I know which kids received less mail?
Usually the featured kids and the ones on top of the current kids list are the new kids or the ones undergoing surgery, chemo… They need the most mail. The names are listed according to the dates that they were enlisted.

Can I send the postcards directly to your organization?
Unfortunately, we are not able to sort out mail and forward it to the families. However, If you wish to send mail to a family of an angel, we can attend to forward it for you, since their address usually is not listed on our website anymore.

How can I know which kids are more sick?
Feel free to read their stories.

May I send online greeting cards or an email instead of a postcard?
Please don’t. The purpose of SendKidstheWorld is to send postcards. They can be held, hung up, looked at and enjoyed for a long time. Regular mail is a lost art, needed to be found by today’s youth.

Can I send presents?
Please don’t. We prefer postcards.

Will I receive a reply from the families?
You may receive a reply if you include your email or address. However, the families receive a lot of mail and lead a busy live. They may not have enough time to reply to you.

May I send mail to the siblings and the parents too?
Yes! Especially the siblings will be very happy. (See Postcards to Siblings)

What do I do if I want to send mail to a family who’s child has passed away since there is no more address on the website?
You may send the mail to us. We attend to forward it to the family, since their address might be not on the website anymore.

What should I write about? 
Write a cheerful short note to the child. For example, tell about the picture on the front of the postcard and the place where you’re sending it from.  Or just a simple ‘Greetings from…’ Simple is best.  Remember, you’re not trying to cure them or be a miracle worker; you’re just making them happy for a little while! (See Send Post Cards)


If I sign up my child, is our family safe? 
Yes. Safety is a big concern that we have taken steps to ensure. We recommend a P.O box or a neutral office address. The last name of the child is not mentioned on the website. This keeps your personal information private and your family safe. 

Do we need to reply to the post card senders? 
No. If the sender includes the address and you wish to, the choice is yours. 

How long will my child receive mail? 
Your child will be featured for two months. During this period of time it will receive the most post cards. Thereafter, post cards may still arrive but not as frequently. After six to eight months the child will be moved to the previous kids list unless the parents request an extension. 

Can I choose a certain time for my child to be featured? 
Yes. We recommend a difficult time in the treatment. 


May I add your link to my web site? 
Yes of course. 

Do you have a flyer or a poster that I can use to help promote Send Kids the World? 
Yes we do. You can contact us via email. 

Does Send Kids the World exist in other countries? 
Yes. Our website exists in English and German. We feature kids from all around the world who understand English and German.