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Date of birth: January 13, 2001
Main diagnosis: Guillain Barre
Special interests: Mika likes helicopters, aircrafts, running, bicycling, gaming. He likes films likes Black Hawk Down and Ted.., E.T....ships, fishing. And everything related to Coca Cola!
Mom: Marianne
Dad: Simon
Siblings: Zoë, Dagmar, River, Hagar,Se7en, Skipper, Tuesday, Tum-Tum

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During the last weekend of July Mika didn't feel quite well. He decided to see his doctor on Monday August 1. By that time he couldn't walk anymore and was brought to the hospital where he was diagnosed having Guillain Barre. Within two days he was totally paralysed, and couldn't speak and breath anymore. He is on the ventilator ever since. Two days ago he was off the ventilator for one hour. So that's an improvement! But he is still totally paralysed and can't talk. Prospects to recover are good for Guillain Barre. But he still has a long, long way to go. So please, encourage him to persevere. Update on August 28: Mika is improving real fast. It’s a miracle boy! On August 25 he left the hospital and is now in a rehabilitation hospital. He can breathe on his own, talk, move his arms and hands and legs. Now he only needs to get more strength and do many exercises to get the full use of his arms and legs back again.