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Date of birth: November 19, 2014
Main diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis
Special interests: Thomes the train, art and crafts, different kinds of balls
Mom: Jamie graham
Dad: David masters
Siblings: Josh stokley

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When Trevor was born he was 6pds 10oz. He seemed ok but when we brought him home his world flipped up side down as we notice he stayed very hungry. We had received a phone call on the count of his new born screen. He needed to take a sweat test and he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as well in the pancreas at 2 weeks old. As for me and my family we have never heard of cystic fibrosis in are family. .Trevor is now 3 yrs old. I was on and off jobs because Trevor had 3 counts of hospital stays and I had sumed it up no one is going to take care of your child the way you as the parent does. I started to stay home with him and no hospital stays since then and weight gain as well. He is healthy but we have are days he doesn’t feel good. We do 6 breathing treatments a day and more when he is sick, enzymes to digest his food, vest treatments to break up the mucus , vitamins, and other things but can only can say 400 words. He is dd508 and it is the most common cystic fibrosis. So much medical has happened to where we do have hope because as of right now they don’t have a cure. so we live every day to the fullest. I would like trevor to see the same hope and prayers and to know he isn’t alone in his fight because we don’t have a big family. It’s just mom, dad, and 1 brother and are cf team. Thanks for taking the time out to lesson to are story.