Submit Your Child

Thank you for signing up your child with Send Kids the World. Please read the following instructions carefully:

Who qualifies for the postcards?

Children between ages 2 and 18 years old.

Children who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as leukemia, tumors, degenerative illnesses…

Children who are undergoing treatment such as Chemotherapy and radiation, or those who are waiting for a transplant.

Children who are undergoing treatment or are recovering from a life threatening injury such as amputation, burns, head injuries…

We only accept the submission from the child’s parents or legal guardian, unless we receive a written request from the parents in which they phrase their wish that somebody else submits their child.

If you would like to pick a month for your child to be featured (special treatment or surgery, long hospital stays) let us know, or else we will feature your child for the first two months. We recommend that your child will not be featured during the same month as his/her birthday.


To protect your family’s safety and privacy we strongly recommend that you rent a P.O. Box (If you type in your zip code on the USPS website you can get the prices and all the information). Make sure to list all the names of your family members and even nick names on the box. Mail may also come for the siblings and you. For safety reasons your last name will not be listed on our website.
If you wish to use your own address you need to fill out the Home Address Disclosure Authorization Form.

An office address may also be a safe alternative.

Child’s Story

For our website we need your child’s biography. The biography should not be longer than a page. You may start with the child’s birth, include when and how the child was diagnosed, and give an explanation of the treatment with all the ups and downs. (See Hailey’s story as an example)

We ask you to send in follow up information after six months.  However, you are more than welcome to do it more frequently. It’s nice for the post card senders to follow the child’s story and to be up to date.  If a child loses their battle, we need to know as soon as possible so we can move the child to our Angels list. We don’t want anybody to accidently send a postcard to a child that passed away!


We also need a digital picture of your child. Make sure that the size is not too big or it won't be accepted. The picture should be recent, not older than 6 months.  Best pictures are from waist or chest up. We prefer a picture of the child alone.


“In the everydayness of your caregiving lies sacredness. You may witness signs that the divine is in your midst. You may see it in the person’s face and feel it in their touch. You may discover what it means to truly love. In the act of accepting, you will be accepted. In the act of comforting, you will be comforted. In being a blessing for another, you are blessed.” E. Miller