Family Service Night at Blake School

Family service night

Blake School did a Family Service Night.

Family Service Night is a fun volunteer evening that focuses around 5 to 10 “booths” or “stations,” each one offering a simple, hands-on service project for families, such as:

  • stuffing birthday bags for kids in need
  • making sandwiches for a local homeless shelter
  • creating blankets for kids who are sick or sad, or
  • creating and sending postcards to chidren with a life threatening illness who are posted on the website

Families can do all the projects or just one or two, educating their children in the process about critical social issues and the value of serving others.  It has proved to be an ideal way for families to have fun together while making a real difference in the community.

Thank you for all the postcards that were created!!


Family service night

Creative postcard senders at work.

Family service night

Who is going to get this postcard?